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□/usr/lib/nisserver 実行時の log

# /usr/lib/nis/nisserver -r -Y -d hoge.local.jp
This script sets up this machine "ouroboros" as an NIS+
root master server for domain hoge.local.jp..

Domain name             : hoge.local.jp.
NIS+ group              : admin.hoge.local.jp.
NIS (YP) compatibility  : ON
Security level          : 2=DES

Is this information correct? (type 'y' to accept, 'n' to change) y

This script will set up your machine as a root master server for
domain hoge.local.jp. with NIS compatibility at security level 2.

WARNING: this script removes directories and files
related to NIS+ under /var/nis directory with the
exception of the client_info NIS_COLD_START file which
will be renamed to <file>.no_nisplus. If you want to save
these files, you should abort from this script now to
save these files first.

WARNING: once this script is executed, you will not be able to
restore the existing NIS+ server environment. However, you can
restore your NIS+ client environment using "nisclient -r"
with the proper domain name and server information.

Do you want to continue? (type 'y' to continue, 'n' to exit this script) y

setting up domain information "hoge.local.jp." ...

setting up switch information ...

running nisinit ...
This machine is in the "hoge.local.jp." NIS+ domain.
Setting up root server ...
All done.

starting root server at security level 0 to create credentials...

running nissetup to create standard directories and tables ...
org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
groups_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
passwd.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
group.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
auto_master.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
auto_home.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
bootparams.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
cred.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
ethers.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
hosts.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
ipnodes.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
mail_aliases.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
sendmailvars.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
netmasks.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
netgroup.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
networks.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
protocols.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
rpc.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
services.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
timezone.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
client_info.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
auth_attr.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
exec_attr.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
prof_attr.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
user_attr.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created
audit_user.org_dir.hoge.local.jp. created

adding credential for example.hoge.local.jp...
Enter login password:

creating NIS+ administration group: admin.hoge.local.jp. ...
adding principal example.hoge.local.jp. to admin.hoge.local.jp. ...

restarting NIS+ root master server at security level 2 ...
starting NIS+ password daemon ...
starting NIS+ cache manager ...

This system is now configured as a root server for domain hoge.local.jp.
You can now populate the standard NIS+ tables by using the
nispopulate script or /usr/lib/nis/nisaddent command.
ouroboros# /usr/sbin/nscd already running.... no admin specified

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